China Daily says “As for beer, I don’t think there’s a better selection in any Chinese restaurant in Shanghai… We could list another 20 items on the menu here that we’re excited about”

City Weekend says “You can’t go wrong with tried and true Yunnan cuisine classics like chicken wings and extra spicy soups, but embark on a foodie adventure here with lesser-known dishes. Chow down like an animal”
From Sh 8 days: “your mouth salivating faster than you could shovel the stuff in…..if you are interested in real, regional Chinese cuisine then make the trip.”
Eurobiz (best bet business lunch) says we have a “wonderfully varied menu….. some of the city’s finest skewer-roasted shaokao”
Go China says “Not only is the concentration on really good, authentic, unique dishes, but the atmosphere is warm and friendly. It’s easy to imagine this becoming a weekly stop, a neighborhood place.”
From the Shanghaiist:
“They seriously can do no wrong”
“We told you how much we loved the food at Southern Barbarian”
“We’d kill to eat at Southern Barbarian…. We love Southern Barbarian…it’s easily one of our favourite restaurants in the city”
“New Yunnan restaurant posts food pix on flickr…. A great idea”
China Daily says, “If you haven’t found it yet, this little restaurant is what you’ve been looking for.”
Shanghai Eats calls us a “hidden Yunnan gem”
Go Kunming says, “as authentic and tasty as any… Kunming”
Weird Meat says we’re “Affordable, friendly, yummy!”