The Southern Barbarians Baseball Club is an Australian baseball club located in in Melbourne, Australia. Our club is already well established and is quickly growing. Currently, the club holds both seniors sides and juniors’ sides who play at various divisions (division one, two, three, four and five). The members make different baseball teams to represent the club at competitions in different seasons.

We ensure the welfare our players is fully catered for and the affairs of the club are under control.Currently, we have the following as our sponsors:
Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic (Professional medics in Melbourne)
• WYN Training (Experienced personal trainers in Melbourne)
Parinity Financial Planners (Independent financial planners and advisors in Brisbane)
McDonald Murholme Lawyers (Quality employment lawyers in Melbourne)

Entry to our club by players of all standards is always encouraged. Our rules are simplified and straight forward and the new member quickly familiarizes with them to become part of the Southern Barbarians Baseball Club fraternity. All rules of the club are made in conformity to international rules of baseball.

Training sessions of the club on the field are fun and structured to ensure minimal strain. This done while ensuring the practice is of world class standard with both major and minor league techniques incorporated for quality player skill. Sessions are run for senior and juniors with the target of major leagues including Melbourne Winter Baseball League and Baseball Victoria Summer League.

The presence of the above sponsors means our club is spear headed to great heights with maximum medical, baseball skill, financial and legal security ensured at all times. Already the club has enormous success on local and friendly matches and a strong image portrayed to the outside world. If you are player passionate about baseball, Southern Barbarians Baseball Club is the place you are looking for.